Water for Every Farm - Yeomans Keyline Plan.

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Book Cover Sustainable Agriculture

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Comprehensive Whole Farm Design
Amplified Contour Cultivation
Water Storage in Farm Dams
Layout Better Farm Roads
Quick Gravity Irrigation
Contour Strip Forests
Subdivision Design
Soil Regeneration
Erosion Control
Solving Salt

Compiled, updated and edited by
Ken B. Yeomans H.D.A.
from work and writings of, his father, the late
P.A. Yeomans.

Keyline Designs are based on the Keyline Scale of (relative) Permanence.

  1. Climate
  2. Land shape
  3. Water
  4. Roads
  5. Trees
  6. Buildings
  7. Fencing
  8. Soil

At the top of the scale is climate, which individually we can't do much about. Land shape considerations follows climate. Then the water control structures are planned, which include on-farm irrigation dams and the open contoured channels used to divert run-off water into interconnected farm dams. Diversion channels also form a protective barrier for contoured farm roads located on their lower side. Irrigation channels, when located, reveal what can and can not be watered by gravity flow. Contoured bands of trees are planted or left uncleared beside the roads and channels. The bands of trees wind through undulations in the landscape and form tiered arrays above and below the channel lines. The best building sites reveal themselves and subdivision fence lines become obvious. Soil treatment and management to develop deep living soil, for what ever crops and for whatever stock, can now be done in a landscape designed to become more stable, productive and beautiful.

So before you: Small is Beautiful and Better. This link is to an extract from Chapter 5 from the book where the relative costs of irrigation from a river dam is compared with irrigation from farm dams.

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