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Letter received three weeks after a half day consultation at the office of Keyline Designs.

31 July 1996

Dear Ken,

I enjoyed very much spending part of the day with you earlier this month & discussing what could be done with my property.

I understand now how the keyline system works. When I look at my property now, I picture where the contour is so I can see where a water channel would go. After looking at the contour map and aerial photo with you and looking at the lay of my land, I can a big difference between the survey map and the actual shape of my block. The problem is that, I think, the contour where we discussed putting the water channel runs through part of the forest. I feel safe in saying that to get an accurate picture of the actual shape of my block, we should use your tools to construct map with five or even two metre contours. That way we will know exactly what we can do.

I hope that we will be able to "re-map" my place with in the next twelve months. Thank you again for your help.


Qld 4570

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